Tameka got her first taste of performing at a very young age. She began singing in school. One of her first memorable experiences is when she was chosen out of all her classmates (and other children in the surrounding schools) to sing for the Queen on her visit to Preston during her Silver Jubilee tour. The queen was delighted when little Tameka got up and sang "Green Sleeves" for her. She stood proud on the red carpet in the arena facing the queens box. She sang her little heart out. After the performance Tameka got to meet the Queen backstage. As Tameka curtsied the Queen warmly smiled and bent down to shake her hand. "My what an adorable girl you are. You have such a pretty voice. What do you want to be when you get older?". Tameka couldn't remember what she replied to her but she was sure it had something to do with being a singer.

Not to long after that Tameka started singing in a gospel choir at a local church. She remembers that time very vividly. It was a very happy time. She loved singing such uplifting music. Tameka always looks back at that time very fondly.

Tameka lived for a while with her mum in the states. They returned back when she was in her mid-teens. As a young adult, she started up with a rock band. She travelled all over the country. Her and her band mates had stuck together for around 5 years (it was unheard of for many bands to maintain a good working relationship). She loved performing this style of music at the time and wearing outrageous costumes (sometimes not leaving much to the imagination).

Tameka began venturing out on her own to pursue a solo career. At her 2nd gig (on her own), she was approached by a researcher for a new program called "Stars In Their Eyes". He asked if she would ever consider impersonating Janet Jackson. She contemplated this for a bit but eventually thought "What the heck" and went for it. She passed all three auditions and was asked to participate in one of the shows (then hosted by Leslie Crowther). This wasn't her last Janet performance. She went on from there to be a tribute act to Janet, which earned her the title of the "official number one tribute" for ten years. She travelled all over Europe and other parts of the world. The highlight of her time as Janet was when she was hand picked by Janet (who had seen a video of Tameka) to represent her and Pepsi in Germany. Tameka travelled to Germany and was treated like a celebrity. She worked with Janet's dancers and friends. She took kindly to this lifestyle. This was a good experience for her and it's something she'll never forget. Even to this day she still is asked to perform as Janet, but she kindly refuses as she hung up her "velvet rope" at the height of Janet's career. It was time to say "Alright", enough now. Bigger and better things were just around the corner for her.

Tameka continued with her music career. She extended herself in many different directions. She was in demand to perform at various rave parties around the country. Tameka loved the energy the crowds exuded. Without taking Ecstasy Tameka was on a musical HIGH!

During the early 90's Tameka was approached by Ceta Veta to collaborate with them on a few dance tracks writing and singing. "You Take Me Higher" scored high in the dance charts. Veta Veta made many PA's throughout the dance club circuit. The thing about Tameka is that she can easily go from one genre of music to the other, in the bat of an eye. While she was not out there dancing and singing at the rave parties and dance clubs she could also be found performing soul and R&B music with various recording artistes.

Tameka performed with many of the greats. A few she has worked with (and still works with from time to time) are: Dream Frequency (see tab above), Control, M-People, Edwin Starr, Jimmy James and the Vagabonds, Clem Curtis and the Foundations, Gwen Dickey, Shelia Ferguson, Cleopatra, Hinda Hicks, Tony Hadley, Go West, Jools Holland, etc..... in the UK. While in the US Tameka has worked with the likes of Chance Howard, Walter Chancellor Jr, George Scott, Jason Peterson-Delaire, etc... Most of whom have worked within the Minneapolis music scene and work closely with Prince, The Time, Janet Jackson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Michael Bolton, Donny Osmond, etc.... Tameka also had a rare opportunity to sing live with Tina Turner's backing band "TNT". They were both doing PA's at the elite VIP club Barnaby Joe's Nightclub in Bahrain.  Tameka hasn't limited herself to just performing in England, the US and Bahrain. She has also dazzled audiences all over the world. Not only does Tameka perform on land but she can also be seen performing on various cruise lines.

TV appearances have included: Songs of Praise, Top Of The Pops, Stars In Their Eyes, The Mag (at MTV), The Word (interviewed by Paula Yates), This Morning with Richard and Judy, Doppelganger, Cactus TV plus numerous radio interviews throughout the country.

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