(band members: Mark & Tameka)

CONTROL  climbed the charts with dance hits in the 1990's.  Their speciality was Old Skool.  Their biggest claim to fame was the dance hit "Dance With Me (I'm Your Ecstacy)" released back in 1991.  "Dance With Me" has been remixed and recently re-released.  Since this song isn't dated it can easily slip back into the charts with ease.  Currently, it's being introduced back into the clubs and proves it's still a hit by filling the dance floors globally.  Mark and Tameka realised they had  to get their skates on and put together a follow up single to equally fill the floors (if not more) .  That's where the song "LOVE" comes on the scene.  2009 showed the release of  "LOVE" which made its way into the dance charts due to the high volumes of downloads on iTUNES (and other digital downloads).

The follow up single "CRY" was released 2011 and proved to be a big success around the world with some well known dj's/producers from around the globe including Eddie Kay (Inaya day) from the USA and Lovesound from France giving their spin on it with their own unique mix.  

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